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IEEE 802.3br & IEEE 802.1Qbu: The Next Evolution in Network Performance

IEEE 802.3br & IEEE 802.1Qbu - Express and Low Priority Traffic

IEEE 802.3br Interrupting & IEEE 802.1Qbu interspersing express traffic (IET) is a mechanism that allows high-priority traffic to override lower-priority traffic on a network. When IET is enabled, low-priority traffic is pulsed while the high-priority message is transmitted. The low-priority letter resumes without discarding the previously shared piece of the interrupted traffic. This allows for a smoother traffic flow on a network and reduces the risk of dropped packets or lost data. Frame preemption can be especially useful in situations where real-time applications are being used.

While the introduction of guard bands was a crucial step in addressing network congestion issues, further action is needed to mitigate the adverse effects caused by these gaps in the network. Two groups within the IEEE have developed new technologies known as IEEE 802.3br and 802.1Qbu Interspersing Express Traffic (IET) and Frame Preemption to address this issue. These technologies work together to more effectively manage traffic that passes through critical areas of the network, using both changes to the MAC scheme under the control of IEEE 802.3 and changes to management mechanisms under the supervision of IEEE 802.1. Through improved coordination between these groups, frame preemption has been defined in two standard documents: IEEE 802.1Qbu for bridge management components and IEEE 802.3br for Ethernet MAC components. Ultimately, this collaboration helps ensure more efficient network performance through frame preemption, resulting in more excellent reliability and reduced congestion throughout critical parts of the infrastructure.

Several different standards define frame preemption, including IEEE 802.3br and IEEE 802.1Qbu. To take advantage of IET on your network, you will need to ensure that your hardware and software support these standards and that high-priority and low-priority traffic are configured appropriately for your applications. With proper configuration and implementation of IET, you can reduce the risk of dropped packets or lost data on your network, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic and optimal performance for all types of applications.

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